"Pupils are extremely well prepared for the next stage in their education" (Selwyn Primary School, Ofsted, October 2014)
Standards Improvement Board: Terms of Reference

The document outlines the terms of reference of our Standards Improvement Board, as at May 2017.

Pay Review Committee: Terms of Reference

This document outlines the terms of reference for our Pay Review Committee, as at May 2017.

Trustees' attendance at trust board meetings

This document provides a record of the attendance of all trustees at trust board meetings and is regularly updated.

Code of Conduct

The document describes the way in which our trustees and members conduct themselves as they go about their duties.  It includes the adoption of the Nolan Principles of public life.

Value for Money Statement

This statement demonstrates how the trust has ensured that its use of public funds over the previous financial year has provided value for money.

Members and trustees - skills and experience

This document provides a summary of the skills and experience of each of our trustees and members, as well as a photograph.

Our vision, values and strategic priorities - 2016/17

This document provides an outline of our trust's vision, values and strategic priorities for the academic year 2016/17.

Strategic Report and Audited Accounts

This document contains the trustees' strategic report, as well as a copy of the audited accounts, as at August 2016.

Master Funding Agreement

This document details the agreement between the Secretary of State for Education and the trust, required in order for the trust to operate.

Supplemental Funding Agreement - Selwyn Primary School

This document is supplemental to the Master Funding Agreement, and details the arrangements for Selwyn Primary School.

Supplemental Funding Agreement - Portway Primary School

This document is supplemental to the Master Funding Agreement, and details the arrangements for Portway Primary School.

Company Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association documents

This document includes our registration as a charitable company, the agreement to form this company, and a set of written rules about how we are bound to run the company. It is also held by Companies House.

Trust Governance Structure

This document outlines the mechanisms we have in place to govern (i.e. manage and control) our organisation, and how they operate.

Trust Scheme of Delegation and Policy Review Schedule

This document lists the key areas of our work as a trust and describes who is in charge of decision-making/review in all areas.  Our list of policies and associated review schedule is held at school.  The attached document has been updated in May 2017.

Details of Members, Trustees and Local Governing Bodies

This document lists the names and responsibilities of all our trustees and company members, as well as when they were appointed. It also provides a list of the people on the local governing bodies of our schools, and when they were appointed.

Trustees' and Members' Business and Financial Interests

This document provides further details regarding the members and trustees – i.e. details of their work, their roles and employers (if applicable) – as well as any other relevant financial interests (if applicable).

The FARM (Finance Audit and Risk Management) Committee: Terms of Reference

This document outlines how the FARM will be set up, the work that it will undertake, and who it is responsible to.  The attached document has been updated in May 2017.

Our Local Governing Bodies: Terms of Reference

This document describes how the LGBs (local governing bodies) of our schools will be structured, the work that they will do for our schools and the decisions that they will take.  This document has been updated in May 2017.

Freedom of Information: our Model Publication Scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, our trust is required to explain how we make information about our organisation available to the public: this document explains how we do this.

Freedom of Information: our School Information Guide

This document describes in detail (a) the information that we make available, (b) where it can be found/how it can be requested and (c) any applicable charges.

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