"Pupils are extremely well prepared for the next stage in their education" (Selwyn Primary School, Ofsted, October 2014)
"Pupils make consistently excellent progress in speaking, reading, writing and mathematics" (Selwyn Primary School, Ofsted, October 2014)
"Pupils enjoy a wide range of activities that keep them fit and healthy" (Portway Primary School, HMI, March 2015)
"In Nursery and Reception, children are warmly welcomed into a safe and stimulating environment" (Portway Primary School, HMI, March 2015)
"Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs are very well supported and make significant progress in all areas of their learning'" (Selwyn Primary School, Ofsted, October 2014)
"Pupils' behaviour is good. They like school and this is reflected in their attitudes'" (Portway Primary School, HMI, March 2015)
We care for every
child, so wellbeing and
safety always come first
Why did we form the trust?

The best schools have inspirational leaders, excellent teachers, and are responsive to their communities.

Why did we form the trust?

We formed the trust because we believe that the best schools have inspirational leaders, excellent teachers, and are responsive to their communities – and that schools are better able to develop these three key attributes through working together. The formation of the Leading Learning Trust will facilitate this joint working, whilst supporting each school to maintain its unique identity.

Working in partnership means working with our children, our parents, our staff, our leaders, our governors, our board and our communities to create a learning community in Newham. As part of this community, we hope that all involved will learn, develop and grow - and be part of our vision for Learning. Together. For life.

Who are we?

We are a charitable company limited by guarantee, funded directly by the Department for Education.

Who are we?

The Leading Learning Trust came into being on the 1st May 2016, and is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Like other trusts, we are funded directly by the Department for Education. Our trust consists of two schools: Selwyn Primary School (an Ofsted-rated Outstanding school, which is also the trust’s sponsor) and Portway Primary School, both located in Plaistow, in the London Borough of Newham.  We are at the heart of a wonderfully rich and culturally diverse community that represents over 20 cultural groups and nearly 40 different languages. Selwyn Primary School is also a resource provision for deaf and hearing impaired pupils.

Our work is overseen by a board of trustees.  Each of our schools also has a governing body. The work of our Executive Head teacher, Emma Nicholls (who is based at Selwyn Primary School) and Jacqui Waine (who is the Head teacher at Portway Primary School) is overseen by the school governing bodies and by the trustees. The Chair of the trustees is Steve Loganathan. Further information regarding our trustees and our governance arrangements is available on our trust documentation page.

What do we do?

Fundamentally, we aim to prepare our children for happiness and success in life.  Our vision for our trust reflects this aim: Learning. Together. For life.

What do we do?

We explain our vision of ‘Learning. Together. For life.’ for our trust below.  The way in which we work towards this vision is described by our values: Heart, Nurture, Grow, Respect, Succeed.

Learning Together For life
Our trust exists to provide opportunities for our children to learn learning is a collaborative, supportive, undertaking, involving both children and adults we aim to prepare our children for success in the lives that they will lead


Heart  - our children's learning is always at the heart of everything we do
Nurture - we support and nurture our learning community
Grow - we learn and grow together
Respect - we respect each other, and appreciate different viewpoints
Succeed - we support our children to succeed in their learning


Further details re our vision, our values and our strategic objectives can be found on the trust documentation page; an overview of what we do at school to support these values is available on the behaviour page of the Selwyn website and the behaviour page of the Portway website.



Get in touch

For more information regarding any aspect of our trust or our schools, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Get in touch

Please follow these links to Selwyn Primary School’s contact page, and Portway Primary School’s contact page should you have a general enquiry about our schools.  Our school office number is also available on these pages.  All our trustees can be contacted via the school office at Selwyn Primary School.

In addition, our school websites provide all the information required under the Information Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme.  A listing of information that is available on request is available on the trust documentation page, in the document entitled Our School Information Guide. 

Should you have any cause for complaint, our Complaints Policies are published on this page of the Selwyn Primary School website, and on this page of the Portway Primary School website.

In case you have any requirement to contact our appointed auditors, Wilkins Kennedy Chartered Accountants can be contacted via their website.


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